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Photo courtesy of John C. Engelhardt /

Office and Field Staff

Administrative Office Staff 

John T. Ward, Jr., Executive Director
Lindsey Flora, Deputy Executive Director
859-246-2040, ext. 222
Marc A. Guilfoil, Director of Racing
859-246-2040, ext. 229
David Brown, Auditor
859-246-2040, ext. 228

Amber Hobbs, Fiscal Manager
859-246-2040, ext. 226

Greg Lamb, Supervisor of Pari-Mutuel Wagering
859-246-2040, ext. 248
Linda Milligan, Office Assistant
859-246-2040, ext. 221
Katherine Paisley, Deputy General Counsel
859-246-2040, ext 240 
Dr. Mary Scollay, Equine Medical Director
859-246-2040, ext. 243

Susan Speckert, General Counsel
859-246-2040, ext 223
Christine Thomas, Internal Policy Analyst
859-246-2040, ext 247

Margi Wintz, Paralegal Consultant
859-246-2040, ext. 241

Kentucky Breeders' Incentive Fund 

Jamie Eads, Director of Incentives and Development
859-246-2847, Select 1
Patricia "PJ" Cooksey, Assistant Director and KBIF Horse Inspector
859-246-2040, ext. 225

Angela Trosclair Cox, Program Coordinator
859-246-2847, Select 3
Drew Conners, Adminstrative Assistant III
859-246-2847, Select 4
Licensing Division 

Chris Clark, Director of Enforcement
Karen Waugh, Assistant Director
Casey Hackworth, Racing License Administrator
George Haydon, Racing License Administrator

Betty Moran, Racing License Administrator
Allen Slayback, Program Coordinator
Enforcement Division 

Chris Clark, Director of Enforcement
Daniel Hyland, Investigator II
Donatos Kolioutas, Investigator III
Field Staff

Barbara Borden, Chief State Steward

Dr. William Farmer, Chief State Veterinarian
Greg Berry, Administrative Specialist III
Dr. Emily Crow, Racing Veterinarian

Dr. Bruce Howard, Racing Veterinarian
Dr. Louis Johnson, Racing Veterinarian
Dr. Megan Romano, Racing Veterinarian
Dr. Nicholas Smith, Racing Veterinarian
Patricia Ludwick, Veterinary Technician
John Asbury, Detention Barn Assistant
Victor Mendoza, Detention Barn Assistant